SPNF Farm Economics

Dinakara, Gundalpet, Chamarajnagar (9986920386)
Sambar Onion in Rabi 2020

Intercrop in new 1 acre yellaki banana, along with Chillies Output: 63 (input:output => 1:21)

  • Input Cost:
    3 quintal sambar onion seeds at @rs3000, Rs9000 Weeding cost:
    Twice in first 50 days
    Other inputs:
    Jeevamritha given with irrigation every 15 days.
  • Pest Management:
    Sour buttermilk sprayed 3 times in first 60 days

Other crops grown: Onion, Green Chilly, Radish, Banana, Sweet Potato, Areca, Biscuit Avare, Sunflower, Maize