How to manage leaf spot and leaf rust in SPNF?

Leaf rust is caused by fungus and leaf spot by bacteria. In SPNF, for both these problems we manage the problem using sour buttermilk as a foliar spray. Sour buttermilk will inhibit the growth of fungus and/or bacteria on the leaf surface. Also, it acts as a natural growth promoter and helps the plant recover …

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How to prepare Agniastra?

Agniastra is used to manage pests such as leaf roolers, stem, and pod borers. INGREDIENTS1) 10 litres Gaumutra2) 1 kg Tobacco leaves crushed3) 500gms desi chilli pulp4) 500 grams garlic pulp5) 5kgs neem leves Pulp. PREPARATIONAdd the tobacco leaves and pulps in the gaumutra and boil it for 5 times continously. Keep this solution aside …

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How to prepare Brahmastra?

Source : Techniques of Spiritual Farming by Dr. Subhash Palekar Brahmastra is used to control Chewing Pests and/or stubborn Sucking Pest Ingredients1) 10 liters of desi goumutra2) 3kgs of Neem leaves pulp3) 2kgs of Custard Apple leaves pulp4) 2kgs Papaya leaves pulp5) 2kgs of Pomegranate leaves pupl6) 2kgs of Guava leaves pulp PREPARATIONAdd all these …

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