FAQ Category: Beejamritha

Can I use dung and urine of desi bullock in beejamritha preparation?

It is best to use desi cow dung and cow urine at any cost, for best efficacy of beejamritha solution. However, if you cannot procure the required quantity of desi cow dung and urine, then you can use 50% desi cow dung and urine, along with 50% dung and urine of desi bullock.

How many days can I keep Beejamritha?

Source: Principles of Natural Farming by Subhash Palekar For best results use beejamritha to treat seeds before 48 hours or 2 days after preparation. If for some reason, you cannot use within two days, then store the beejamritha in shade and can use upto 7 days after preparation.