Can I improve my vegetable production by applying Jivamrita foliar spray?

Definitely. One can not only improve the production of vegetables but can also provide protection from harmful fungusus and bacteria by following the Jivamrita spray schedule, given by Subhash Palekarji in his book Vegetable Crops, Part 1.

Note: All foliar spray should be done during morning hours (before 10AM) during hot days. During winter, the spray can be applied during day time.

  1. First spray, is one month after seed sowing or transplanting of seedlings. For 1 acre, take 100 lt water, to this add 5 ltr filtered Jivamrita and spray.
  2. 21 days after the first spray, schedule your second spray. For 1 acre, take 150 litres water, to this add 10 litres filtered Jivamrita and spray.
  3. Schedule your third spray, 21 days after the second spray. For 1 acre, take 200 litres water, to this add 20 litres filtered Jivamrita and spray.
  4. By now, it is the initial period of fruit or pod setting or the seeds are in milking stage. For 1 acre spray 200 litres of water with 6 litres of sour buttermilk or 200 litres water with 2 litres matured coconut water or spray 200 litres of Sapta Dhanyankur Kashayayam. These three preparations are the best natural growth hormones will you produce very high-quality fruits and pods.

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