Does the Jivamrita foliar spray in SPNF, vary for different crops based on their duration period?

Source: Symbiosis of Natural Farming by Padmashri Dr. Subhash Palekar

Yes, Padmashri Dr. Subhash Palekarji after extensive research for three years on various crops during different seasons has come up with a list of variable Jivamritha spray schedules for variable groups of crops based on their duration period.

  • Foliar spray schedule for 60 to 90 days duration crops
    • Early Paddy, Sunflower, Green gram (Hesaru), Black gram (Uddu), Cowpea (Alasandi), Groundnut (Nela kadale), Pearl millet (Bajara, Sajje), Soybean (Soya Avare), Pea (Bataani), Early vegetables
  • Foliar spray schedule for 105 to 135 days duration crops
    • Medium duration varieties of Paddy, All straight line (improved) varieties of Sorghum Vulgare (Jola), Bajara (Sajje, Pearl Millet}, Finger Millet (Ragi), Proso Millet (Baragu), Wheat, Maize (Maeke Jola), Barley, Oat, Rai, Bengal Gram (Kadale), Cowpea (Nati Alasandi, creeper variety), Horse Gram (Hurali), Broad beans (Avare), medium duration Groundnut (Nela kadale), Sunhemp (Senabu), Linseed, Nigerseed (Huchellu), Sunflower (Nati Surya Kanti), Safflower (Kusube), Mustard, Castor (early variety), Vegetables, etc
  • Foliar spray schedule for 150 to 180 days duration crops
    • Early or medium duration Cotton, Medium duration desi paddy, Medium duration Pigeon Pea (Togari), Long Duration Groundnut (Nela kadale), Flaxseed (Agase), Jute, Sunhemp (Senabu), Desi Castor (Haralu), Vegetables like Ladyfinger, desi cluster beans (javali kaayi, Gori kaayi), etc
  • Foliar spray schedule for all late variety annual crops (includes few vegetables and fruits)
    • Ginger, Turmeric, sweet potato
    • All types of Gourd vegetables, local Marigold, beans
    • Late Paddy variety, Late Cotton, Later Pigeon Pea
    • Sugarcane, Banana, Papaya
    • Mulberry,
    • Naati or desi variety vegetables such as chilies, brinjal, ladyfinger, flower, red pumpkin, etc

Compiled by: Prathibha Shivaa, Volunteer, SPNF Karnataka Team

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