How much Jivamrita should I give to my horticulture plants?

Based on the age and growth of the fruit trees, two to five-liter Jivamrita per plant is to be provided, twice a month, if possible.

In the initial 2-3 years, how much Jivamritam you can add to the soil, you can get miracle results. Especially, during the monsoon season, there is continuous proper moisture in the soil, and the temperature range is between 24-32 degrees centigrade and relative humidity is in the rage of 90%, which is an ideal range for soil microorganisms to perform their activities well.

If possible, apply as much as JIvamrita to soil, near the periphery of the noon shadow during the monsoon season.

Source: The Philosophy of Natural Farming by Subhash Palekar and Vegetable Crops Part I by Subhash Palekar

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