How to apply Jivamrita to my vegetable plot, during monsoon season?

During monsoon season, since we do not apply irrigation water regularly to vegetables. Here’s how we can apply Jivamrita to vegetables

In the first month after seed dibbling or seedling transplantation, you can add one cup (about 50ml), Jivamrita once or twice or thrice a month, between two main vegetable plants on the surface of soil.

During second month, add one cup (about 50ml), Jivamrita twice or thrice a month between two plants.

Later on, give one cup (about 50ml), Jivamrita once or twice a month.

During the months of October and there-on, give 200 to 400 litre of Jivamrita per acre through irrigation water once or twice a month for any vegetable crop.

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