How to prepare and use Beejamritha?

  • 20 liters of water
  • 5 kg desi cow dung
  • 5 litres of desi cow urine
  • One handful soil from the surface of boundary or field
  • Lime 50gms

Add desi cow urine and handful of undisturbed soil from bund to water. Tie the cow dung in a cloth and hang it inside the bucket containing water and cow urine. Let it stand for overnight (for 12 hours).

Take one litre water and add 50 gm lime in it, let it soak for a night.

The next morning, squeeze the bundle of cow dung and dunk the cow dung in the water three times continuously so that all essence of cow dung will enter the water.. Now add the lime water which you had prepared last night.

Beejamritha is now ready to treat the seeds. The prepared Beejaritham, can be used to treat seeds for upto 1 acre land.

What is the shelf life of Beejamritha?

It is advisable to use Beejamritha immediately. However, you can keep the mixture for upto two weeks

Source: Principles of Natural Farming by Subhash Palekar

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