What are the advantages of Jivamrita foliar spray?

  1. Jivamrita spray increases the leaf index, which means the surface area of the leaves. Let’s see how this helps in increased food production?

One square foot of leaf surface uses 12.5kilo calorie of solar energy and prepares 4.5gm food by photosynthesis. This means we have2.25gm vegetable or fruit production and 1.5gm grain production.

When we increase the surface area of he leaves, production of the crop is incerased.

2. Jivamrita, also acts as a fungicide. When the atmospheric humidity is increased because of cloudy weather, then the growth of harmful fungus and pathogens is also increased, and they attack the crops. By applying Jivamrita as foliar spray, it controls the leaves from there harmful pathogens and fungusus.

3. During peak summer and winter, Jivamrita spray protects the leaves from getting damaged by blowing hot air or cold waves. This is done by controlling the stomata opening and closing sytem and, also by controlling the transpiration flucturations.

4. Jivamrita foliar spray, protects the crop from harmful Ultra-violet rays of sun.

5. Lastly, in extreme dry conditons or in water logged conditions or in over irrigated fields, the soil micro-organisms may die. This result in lack of nitrogen availability through the soil to the plants. In such, adverse situations, by spraying Jivamrita on leaves, free living nitrogen fixing bacteria sit on the leaves. THey take nitrogen straight from the atmosphere and supply to the leaves. Jivamrita, is the best source of such Diazotropicus type of bacteria.

Source: Vegetable Crops, Part 1 by Subhash Palekar

Compiled by: Prathibha Shivaa, SPNF Karnataka Team

Category: Jeevamritha

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