Why is rainy or monsoon season ideal for plant growth?

The Daxinayana path of the Sun from 21st June to 20th December is also the period of South-West and North-East Monsoon in India. During the monsoon season, there is continuous moisture in the soil and the temperature range is between 24-32 degrees centigrade and relative humidity is about 90%. This condition is ideal for the soil microorganisms to perform their activities well. The soil microorganisms are responsible for increasing the fertility of the soil by the creation of humus and thus in turn increase the production of crops.

Jivamrita is the best culture of these beneficial soil micro-organisms and during monsoon season, we have to apply Jivamrita, as much as possible to the soil.

Thus the monsoon season, is ideal for humus creation by soil micro-organisms in the soil and also it is the time the plants and crops grow speedily.

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