How to prepare Agniastra?

Agniastra is used to manage pests such as leaf roolers, stem, and pod borers.

1) 10 litres Gaumutra
2) 1 kg Tobacco leaves crushed
3) 500gms desi chilli pulp
4) 500 grams garlic pulp
5) 5kgs neem leves Pulp.

Add the tobacco leaves and pulps in the gaumutra and boil it for 5 times continously. Keep this solution aside without any disturbance until it cools down. Then filter the solution by cotton cloth and store it in can/bottle.


Use 2 to 3 percent solution that is mix 2 to 3 liters of Agniastra in 100liters of water and apply as foliar spray on standing crop. Repeat at 15 days interval if infestation is high. Follow up with 20 percent Jeevamritha foliar spray to improve plant health.

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