How to prepare Brahmastra?

Source : Techniques of Spiritual Farming by Dr. Subhash Palekar

Brahmastra is used to control Chewing Pests and/or stubborn Sucking Pest

1) 10 liters of desi goumutra
2) 3kgs of Neem leaves pulp
3) 2kgs of Custard Apple leaves pulp
4) 2kgs Papaya leaves pulp
5) 2kgs of Pomegranate leaves pupl
6) 2kgs of Guava leaves pulp

Add all these pulps in the Gaumutra, and boil it 5 times. keep aside for 24 hours, then filter it with cotton cloth. Store the Brahmastra in can/bottle.

Usage / Application

Used to control Chewing pests and stubbon Sucking pests

For small saplings or less infestation, apply 2 % solution. Take 2 litres of Brahmastra and add to 100 litres of water and foliar spray on the plants.

For big plants or during severe infestation, you can apply up to 3 to 5% solution. If the Attack is severe you can take 3 to 5 liters of Brahmastra and add to 100 litres of water and spray.

Compiled by Sudhakaran, Volunteer, SPNF Karnataka Team

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